Introducing the d.work sessions

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Tomorrow, the first d.work session will take place!

One of the biggest challenges for home workers and freelancers is not being to socialise with colleagues. Sometimes it is just necessary to get out of the house and change up your daily routine. At d.work we understand this.

The Pro’s of working from home are numerous: you are independent, you make your own schedule, and you have to rely on self-discipline, planning and self-motivation.

Secondly, you can get more work done. There is no time wasted in the daily commute (not to mention less pollution, less traffic jams and frustration). And of course, the occasional annoyances of office life will stay away from you.

The Con’s of working from home are not that obvious. When you are working from home you may work even longer hours, and the balance between home and work life begins to blur. Especially when you just have to finish that project!

On the other hand, people are social. Sharing ideas and just talking about the thing you are doing can help you to refresh your point of view or create meaningful new insights. Also, it is proven that changing up your environment triggers a more creative mindset.

This is why we are organising the d.work sessions. The d.work sessions invites people to become co-workers for an afternoon. Work together at the same location, maybe exchange some thoughts or ideas. Be inspired by the people around you — and a great location!

Learn more and invite your friends to become co-workers for an afternoon.

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The d.work sessions are powered by the d.work app.
Don’t hesitate to check in with app.dwork.io !

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