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Wherever you go, we provide digital nomads and flexible workers with a great work environment. Get inspired by people and places, develop great ideas and forge new relationships.

Find an exceptional workplace and flex without the hassle

Find your place

Check-in, check-out

Carefully curated workspaces are accessible by the press of a button. No more wasting time searching for a place to work and filling out mountains of paperwork.

Meet new people

A great work environment doesn’t only consist of great amenities, but also of great people. Now you are able to connect with other digital nomads and exchange ideas and services. We stimulate a cubicle-less mindset!

Ciao, paperwork

One hour of work, two hours of paperwork. Not anymore. tracks your hours worked and takes care of the rest. Pay through the app and receive an overview monthly.

We all love coffee

However, being interrupted by a waiter every 15 minutes isn’t ideal. Find a local cafe through the app and make yourself at home. The app tracks your time and reimburses the cafe for your stay. Maybe still get that coffee.

“Organizations will not only need to redesign work — they will likely need to redesign work environments to support this new kind of work.”


Deloitte Review, “Navigating the Future of Work”

Who’s here?

Connect to other like-minded digital nomads through Linked-In and talk business and ideas.

Great places

Want to be inspired? Find a cafe. Want to focus? Find a co-working space. All with fast wifi and sockets.

dwork app
dwork app
Available anywhere

Work from anywhere — forget traffic jams and save time. Better for you and the environment.

Reserve your space

Planning to have a meeting? Reserve a space and invite your colleagues.

Our places are carefully curated. Learn their story and plan your next visit Board of Advisors

Our work-environment is changing. Our expert advisors experience this change on a daily basis and help us navigate the latest trends.



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Feel like your place should be a part of the community?

If you have a place, be it a co-working space, cafe or flex-work location and you'd like to be part of the community, don't hesitate to contact us!

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